Friday, June 3, 2011

A resolution

The cure to my depression in the previous post:

[Posted Dec 6 2010, 07:17:21 PM]

"As for seeing my counselor today, yeah, I did it. I worded things oddly but we got a good talk in, and I feel better now. At least, what helps is that today went along extremely smoothly; I finally have all of my make-up work done and took both of the quizzes that I missed while I was sick (I got perfects on both of them, by the by). I feel a little bad now because I spoke with my English teacher and she's actually going to let me turn in my paper later than the others (she's doing this with another student too who's been battling illness and such), and this came to me by complete surprise. I still have to present my speech on the first day, but that's all right, I suppose. I'll jump that hurdle when it comes.

To add to that, I actually might be heading into a relationship soon. He speaks fluent Spanish and is incredibly adorable. My friend's trying to pair us up, hahaha. "

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