Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This wonderful post is dedicated to you for your brilliance. You understand every inch of my mind when I write, and you don't mind my over-obsessive scene descriptions.

But you are also more than that, my dearest snowvillage. For no matter what anyone says to you, or how anyone acts towards you... you must keep your chin propped in the upward direction, for not only have you helped change me, but you simply are... spectacular. I abhor the deplorable actions of those who oppose you. There has been a missing piece in my heart for every day I am no longer able to post a Snowlove thread on EM; the forums have barely known my presence since your departure. However, I hold hope in my heart and an ecstatic attitude for when we can challenge each other in forum mafia and better ourselves for games in the future.

You have earned a special place on my Levity list, Snowvillage. May we discover more opportunities to chat in the future! Good luck to you in each of your studies; in every class; on every test you take; and on each obstacle you must endeavor in your life.

The moon gazes sleepily upon the village of snow...

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