Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten Confessions

1. I like coming down with fevers. Fevers are probably the best things to be sick with; as long as they aren't life-threatening, of course. Fevers entrap their unsuspecting victims into the abstract, surreal world of delirium and fever dreams. <3

2. I throw the word 'elitist' around as liberally as Holden uses the word 'phony' in Catcher in the Rye. I also admittedly disliked that book in particular.

3. I am bisexual. Most of you who read this, of course, are probably already aware of this fact.

4. Because I was born with paler skin than that of my sister, I never feel as Mexican as I should feel. Add to my insecurity that I've never been to Mexico and didn't learn Spanish as efficiently as most kids with Spanish-speaking parents do (I don't blame my dad for being away from home most of the time, however; he had to work, and I respect that). I used to hear rumors (though I question their validity) that my dad would boast... unpleasant things while drunk, including how he wished to flee with my baby sister to Mexico and leave me behind in the process.

5. I have had three internet crushes, and only three. The first turned out badly, the second is my definite future, and the third, for a fact, will never happen.

6. I do not own a diver's license, and likely will not possess one until the end of college, or toward it. My confidence in myself as a driver is pathetic.

7. I'm afraid of competition, and I have a natural competitive instinct that makes me feel uncomfortable around professional writers and singers. My inferiority complex can amplify this feeling to major depression spells.

8. I watch anime mostly when I'm the epitome of depressed or need writing inspiration. I'm incredibly finicky about which anime series I watch, and am incredibly picky and fickle with longer series.

9. I watched Friendship is Magic and adored it. I also still enjoy watching Kipper the Dog (anyone besides me remember that show?) and Hello Kitty.

10. Swords and Italian arias are legitimate fetishes of mine.


  1. Oh god, sick dreams are the worst. I do NOOOT agree there; mine are always me trying to do some task, which I can't, and as a result do over and over. Whether it's trying to find something in a library or doing some sort of weird space defense grid thing, it feels like whatever I'm doing will never stop and it's awful.