Monday, August 22, 2011

An Apology (and, finally, an update!)

I've been so tied up with college classes that it has been increasingly difficult for me to collect all of these different thoughts that have been processing in my mind lately and organizing them into coherent, entertaining posts; plus, most importantly, short stories, which I have been unable to truly finish in what seems to be an incredibly long time.

I plan to remedy that, however! I am determined!

Therefore, I will ask for all of you to stay tuned for (in no particular order):

-109 Fun Facts About Me
-Explanation in the inside joke behind the blog's title
-A collection of short stories that are told in the third-person perspectives of each of the main characters in the book project that I am certainly going to get working on soon; this is to introduce the characters in order to provide a better understanding of the story's setting, the motives and physical appearances of the characters, and a clearer view on the symbolism that will be at work in the story as a whole.
-College Life
  -- I. DIVYA
  -- II. My Roommates
  -- III. Living in the Westerlin Dorm (mumble mutter bicker)
  -- IV. The Coffeehouse
  -- V. My Classes (+ the professors that teach them)
  -- VI. Interesting People
  -- (more to come)
-Why I Love Zektbach Music (videos included)
-Honest Tea (+ the interesting things I find on bottle caps)
-Term Papers (a brief rant on why I fear them and despise them with the entirety of my soul)
-Blue (a poem, and a brief explication on the value of the color blue in its usage)

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