Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Main

In Old Main I’d deliberately snatch up literary journals that I spied lying on desks along with other assorted magazines, bookmarks, and informational pamphlets. I didn’t know where else to find them. When my advertising class ended, I came prowling up the stairs, sneaking about the tables right outside of classroom doors. Some of them were lined up side to side; others preferred solo lives straight at the ends of the hallways. First I spotted two SAGA magazines on one of the aforementioned solo tables: one of them, the Spring 2011 issue, rested in a stacked pile of copies, whilst the Winter 2010 issue happened to be the only one there. I felt slightly guilty pilfering the very last issue, though these qualms could not avert my attention away from this golden opportunity. Quickly I took up the two issues and almost sprinted away in my glee.

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