Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Question

I asked the voice a question as I descended into the deepening blue;
I felt the shades of blue becoming brighter, fuller, and more vivid—
The voice cradled me tenderly, gently, meticulously
Offering me comfort and care, and it was then that I asked:
“Dearest dreams, wishes of the stars above;
Heavenly skies and penetrating love, wistful winds
And gentle breezes, vivacious canopies and cloud trapezes:
My most adamant wishes fly straight to thee, and this I have known
As infinite now as the blue I have seen, the wonder
Evoked by two mirrors reflecting (reflecting two mirrors)
One against the other, the dimension ceasing to end—
And I pray, I plead: does this paradoxical equation run true?
In a mortal world of end and peril, civilizations
The inevitability of life’s endeavors reaching its final limits—
Could it be?
Perhaps, in the tumultuous storm, the eye is the infinity?
The skies are the escape, forever winding, forever true,
Forever blue?"

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