Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beatles references wheee

(inspired by this music culture essay I'm writing)

I’m sitting forward, singing;
My friends all coax me and
Pester me
To sing in the mic, but I cower—
The idea, to me, is frightening.
Among friends, even! they tease me
And I laugh sheepishly only to sing along
In the background, while my friend begins singing
In his cracked voice: You say goodbye, and I say hello
And his voice is the dissonance that is my uncle’s voice
While my mother is clapping, laughing, as he sings
Along with my aunt’s garbled warble.
She sips from her margarita and says,
Lucy is in the sky only with diamonds
Because a diamond is the only way to describe
The song. The only way to describe all of them.
And my mother is dancing with herself (she lacks a date)
As the background rings,
They are dancing in a yellow submarine;
And on the way across the border on the train,
My dad’s brother assures him, little darlin’, it’s all right—
Here comes the sun.

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