Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am a plant

I am a plant. I shed my leaves
Discreetly, new ones unfurling.
I lie dormant in darkened eves—
But to the sun, my leaves curling,
I bow my head. He is my life,
Though unwillingly; he shaped me
Straight to the stem. I cry in strife
When my loose roots cannot grow free.

I provide shade, shelter, and fruit;
This I bear and I do not ask.
I give and nurture. Insects loot
What I produce. It is my task
To consume what I am given,
And only such. Those who return
My kindness, those who are driven
And inspired—people who learn
To love, they are my light. I fold
To the light and bathe hungry stalks
In its radiance and untold
Care. I am a plant; one that talks.

I see the world turn in my place;
My permanent home. I tell tales.
No matter what tries to shake me from my place:
I stand firm, tall, and secure down lifelong trails.

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