Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh hey, look at this?

I almost forgot about this post. Is this truly how I felt before my senior year even started?

... My poor, untainted soul

Senior year~!; wheee

[Posted Aug 17 2010, 08:10:31 PM]

"I posted this at SF and I didn't type like that to be facetious--I mean everything I say in the upcoming post with fervid passion. Seriously, if you talked to me right now I would ramble on for hours about how giddy I am and how amazing I feel. It's so sad I only get to feel this way for a year and then I graduate. ._.


The official actual full-length not-half school day of the year was... interesting. That's not it, though. That isn't all it, and right now I will warn you that a terribly obsessively wonderful tl;dr post is coming ahead! (tl;dr by SF standards, anyhow)

Guys, today was awesome. And when I mean awesome, I mean awesome. Awesome is also another word for chamber choir.

So, we actually sort of got to sing today. It was more of a voice-testing thing so Mrs. Kellert could familiarize herself with the new voices and get the veteran voices warmed up, so to speak; it also serves the purpose of letting her get to hear your range and see where you most seem to fit. I was paired up with my friend Kelsey (who's really, I will admit, one of the people that's going to make the choral season incredibly bright and wonderful, because she doesn't get irate with me over trivial matters and isn't afraid to offer singing criticism/feedback at the same time) who probably possesses one of the best voices in the school right now. <__<; She denies it, but it's true. Extremely true.
But yeah, my voice broke twice. Poor underused thing >_>; I've done it such an incredible injustice by not practicing enough this summer! BUT THAT'LL CHANGE SOON ENOUGH~

The stuck-up girls, yeah, they're there; and it sucks because most of them are all in the alto section, with meee! It seems like all of my friends are sopranos all the time, and this year may be no exception. I'm not going to let their attitudes affect me (they certain did the years before, but no more!) and I'm going to RIDE FORTH TO THIS NEW YEAR WITH A HEART OF GOLD (or should I say bronze, heheheheheh choir joke because female chamber members wear bronze sashes with their uniforms)

Hannah's there, too. I was ready for this. It's really incredibly weird to actually have to spend a class period with her every day. Not to say she's one of the stuck-ups or a total bitch, she's just... hard to approach, I suppose. For someone like me, anyway.

Oh my goodness, but the exhilaration! The wonder! The elation! The ardent joy! I feel so great to finally be there now. It feels so great to see my friends that made it last year over me. It's also great that the seniors--the people who intimidated me to the extreme--are all gone now, and I'm a senior now. I don't have to worry about them; in fact, the people in the chamber choir this year aren't that bad. I really like them, even the stuck-up ones (except one of them who sits behind me next to Hannah, which is rather ironic since her name also happens to be Kelsey, bleh), and there's even a whole bunch more people this year. It's a rather amusing phenomenon.

I'm incredibly, fervently excited for tomorrow--we're going to be working on our all-state audition music tomorrow! I am so fucking looking forward to this; the pieces we're going to be singing this year for those auditions are so beautiful. One of them's even an opera piece by Verdi. <____<

see how amazing the world can be sometimes?
my god
i am going to drop a clusterfbomb right now because i am SO FUCKING EXCITED FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

i love singing
so fucking much
i could never ever give up this feeling, ever
i have never felt this whole
(except when i write too i suppose~!)

... Exactly what happens to be traversing in my mind right about now. My tea-hyped brain greets you!"

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